Soothe Dental Anxiety

With current leaps in dentist technology, and a move towards a gentle approach in dentistry, it is more possible than ever to plan for a relaxing dentist visit. The following 5 tips can help you choose to create a calm and peaceful environment in partnership with your dentist to accomplish your care goals.

Empower Yourself

Talk to your dentist about your situation and feelings, especially if you feel dental anxiety. Let them know what strategies you will be using to help keep calm and relaxed. You can discuss with your dentist how you’d like to communicate throughout the appointment. Hand signals or some other sign you can use to indicate you need a break, or are feeling discomfort, can help establish trust between you and your dentist, and provide peace of mind that they are listening to your needs so that you can enjoy a relaxing dentist visit.

Choose Appointment Times Carefully

Choosing a time of day where you don’t have to rush off to work or school can help you feel at ease during your appointment. Reducing outside stress or worry will take a load off your mind and may allow you to relax more easily.

Breathing Techniques

Deep breathing can be helpful in reducing anxiety and regulate your body if you start to feel nervous or tense. Deep breathing can sometimes contribute to a lower level of discomfort, and can relieve distress, it may even help you become more calm and comfortable.

Soothing Music

Dental offices often play a selection of music in their waiting room and exam rooms to ensure and relaxing dentist visit. But if you find certain music aids your focus, or makes you feel more at home, it may be wise to bring your own music. It also may be helpful to drown out any noises, such as the drill, so that you can focus your attention on pleasant things that encourage and calm you.

Do Your Research

Knowing more about the Dentist that you have chosen can help put your mind at ease and plan a relaxing dentist visit. If you have any questions about what you will experience in the office, or about any specific treatments you and your dentist have agreed to, take the time to jot down any questions you have, so that you can prepare yourself ahead of time for each appointment and what you will experience.

Finding ways to cope with dental anxiety or nervousness can seem daunting, but we are invested in ensuring that you are heard and cared for with each visit to our office. Feel free to call or stop by our Bryan, Conroe, Spring, Huntsville, Lufkin, Humble or Tomball Dental Office to discuss with us how we can help your visit to the dentist to be a pleasant one.